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Give me the punks…

Give me the punks… a crappy poem about the type of people I’m drawn to and the rebellious nature of startups that I dig.

I'm Feeling Burnt-Out Blog - guy with had on desk and laptop over his head

I’m feeling burnt-out.

If you’re looking for a solution for your burnout, this ain’t the blog for you. I’m about to share some of the ways I’m feeling so maybe if you feel the same way, you won’t feel so alone about it (damn’t that’s a lot of feelings going on in that sentence).

A Diagram of the 3 levels of being a t shaped marketer in 2021

What Is A T-Shaped Marketer?

Are you a marketer that does everything under the sun? From paid media and analytics, to branding and web-design? If you said ‘yes’ to yourself just now, then you might just be a T-Shaped Marketer.


Introducing Kuppy

So I have a new project. It’s called Kuppy and it’s amazing. If you use water bottles and protein shake bottles as often as I


The Hacker Manifesto // 1986

I’m actually fascinated by manifestos in general – a simple one pager written by a leader in the space that goes from rant to rallying-cry for others that come from a similar mindset or those that aspire to be part of that crowd. They’re incredibly interesting and help you get into the mindset of that audience.

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