Writing and rants


Take the win.

I’m taking a moment now though to celebrate the fact I had a problem. I went to work on it. I solved it. And now my success rate is higher. That is a win. I need to take the win. No one can be perfect every step of the way.


My office, as featured in Workspaces.xyz

Recently, Ryan Gilbert from Workspaces.xyz reached out to me asking about my desk / office. I took a few pics and this is what they posted today.


It was a choice.

You didn’t slip up, it was a choice. Too many excuses are allowed these days. It was a slip up. I made a mistake. I



If there’s one common theme I’ve heard over and over and over again from successful individuals that I admire, it’s that they all had relentless focus in whatever they are pursuing.


It’s okay to say ‘no’

Give yourself some room to breathe, clear your mind, and let yourself recuperate. No one can operate at 150 mph every day.

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