We’re all just winging it

Have you ever looked at successful individuals, or just older folks than you in general, and said to yourself, “damn, they seem to just have it all figured out?” 

Well, Buckle your seatbelts, because I’m about to unlock one of the greatest secrets of humankind on you. 

No one has it all figured out. We’re all just winging it. So please know, you’re doing just fine and it’s all going to be good. 

Before I had my seat at the table, I fucking yearned to be at the table. I wanted the secrets that the people I admire had to bring into my own life. They seemed to make all of the right moves, and me, I felt like an imposter. 

I wish I could begin to describe how nervous I was meeting folks I looked up to. I’m thinking about it now as I write down these words and can’t help but laugh at myself. 

Once you get to know the folks that seem to have it all figured out, you start to realize the lie you’ve been telling yourself all of these years: NO ONE HAS EVERYTHING FIGURED OUT. 

All everyone is doing is taking the information they’ve learned through others, experiences, and history to just make the best choice possible in the moment. 

That’s all life is, after all – a series of choices and relative outcomes. 

Do people make correct choices all of the time? Hell no. We’re all just doing our best to make the right decisions when a new scenario is thrown our way. 

Make the best choice you can with the information you have. The majority of the time, decisions aren’t permanent either – you can always take a lesson, admit that what you did was wrong, and course correct. Fuck your pride if the outcome could be greater. 

Don’t get fooled by the world like myself and so many others have. We’re all just winging it.


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About Alex

Alex Medick is an entrepreneur and occasional investor from Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you want to jam about startups, growth, product, Bitcoin, punk rock, or surfing – he’s your guy.(more)

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