Wait, it’s almost May?

Hey all!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog. The time gap had nothing to do with lack of things to say. Ask anyone, I won’t shut the hell up about anything and everything that captures my interest. But, well, I’ve been busy.

I’m doing my thing at Inside – focusing on growth, marketing, and a new events program we started. I’ve also started working on a top-secret potential product development at Inside which I’m calling Inside 3.0. And yes, SUPER awesome. Who knows if it will actually come into this this world, but I’m excited about it and hopefully everyone else will be too. But hell, it’s only in the wire framing and user flow mode right now, so it’s too early to tell.

Nonetheless, I’m incredibly grateful to be able help develop a new product from cradle to grave. I’ve always had a passion for product, design, and marketing. So being able to take the lead on all 3 with this new iteration of Inside is absolutely incredible and great experience. Can’t wait to show the world what I’ve been working on (with a team obviously. I’m not a total asshole taking all of the credit here.)

What else? Oh yeah! The Inside Business podcast is going great. After 5 episodes, we crossed our first 1,000 listeners. WOO HOO!

On the bio-hack side of the world, I recently discovered fasting and I love it. I’m using Zero and am giving the Circadian Rhythm fast a chance as my introduction into this world. That one is only 13 hours and most of it takes place when I go to sleep. BUT, the coal is to his those 15-16 hour a day fasts. That’s next level!

I’m also on my best meditation streak yet – 133 days! I love it. I’m only doing 10 minutes a day, but those 10 minutes are so incredibly needed. I’ve noticed my the days are more irritable and stressful if I miss a morning session (if I miss an AM, I do a 15 min PM), so it’s not a formed habit and desire to meditate. I’m not mad about that!

Those two projects and bio-hacks alone are keeping me busy. But my biggest project ever is about to launch!

My daughter will be here next week! April 28, 2021 is the due date. Her name is Harlow Wilde and I’m so excited and nervous at the same time. Yes, I have a son, Zephyr, who’s 4 now. But that doesn’t make me any less nervous to be a #girldad – as the cool kids say.

If I’m OTG (off the grid) over the next few weeks, that’s why.

I hope all is well with you, interweb friends.


Peace, Love, and Punk Rock.

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