The Must-Have Survey

When you’re building a product and you need to get started on growth, there is one important question you should be asking—

Does my audience even give a damn about my product? 

Nothing is worse than throwing money and effort behind growth when you haven’t found product-market-fit yet.  Luckily for you, I’m about to share with you the “Must-Have Survey” to determine if have found your footing and you’re ready to get started, or if you should hang tight and hit the drawing board for a little bit longer. 

Copy the survey below and send it to your early-adopters for feedback.

Please note, I’m never one to say get bogged down with market research, as it’s not always the greatest indicator of things, but I’ve found this survey to be wildly helpful. 

The Questions To Ask

1. How disappointed would you be if this product no longer existed tomorrow? 
     A. Very disappointed
     B. Somewhat disappointed
     C. No disappointed (it really isn’t all that useful)
     D. N/A – I no longer use it

2. What would you likely use as an alternative to [PRODUCT NAME] if it were no longer available? 
     A. I probably wouldn’t use an alternative.
     B. I would use (fill in the blank)

3. What is the primary benefit that you have received from [PRODUCT NAME]? (open-ended response)

4. Have you recommended [PRODUCT NAME] to anyone?
     A. Yes
     B. No

5. If yes, how did you describe [PRODUCT NAME] to those people? (open-ended response)

6. What type of person do you think would benefit most from [PRODUCT NAME]? (open-ended response)

7. How can we improve [PRODUCT NAME] to better meet your needs? (open-ended response)

8. Would it be okay if we followed up by email to request a clarification to one or more of your responses?
     A. Yes (if yes, collect email)
     B. No

Okay. Those are the simple 8 questions you need to get going.

Now, when you’re reviewing your results, if 40% of the responses or more are positive and meet your hypothesis, GREAT – You might be onto something there. Get going on that growth baby!

If less than 40% of the responses are in the good column, maybe it’s time to iterate more and improve the product before dumping resources into things. 

Tools To Use

A super simple tool to build this survey in is Typeform.

I use the paid version because I use it a lot for lead collection and automation, but I believe that their free version is pretty solid and will do the trick. 


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