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Full Name
Alexander James Medick


July 15, 1987

Orlando, Florida, United States of America

Current Residence

Las Vegas, Nevada




The New Standard

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Alex Medick (pronounced /ˈmedɪk/) is a 2x CMO, 3-time founder, startup advisor, board member, angel investor and CEO of The New Standard. In his career, he has demonstrated success across branding, creative design, web development, marketing, operations and business development arenas in the industries of advertising, entertainment, technology media and music through previous career paths and running a bespoke digital marketing agency.

As Alex likes to say, “I love the thrill of building businesses, working with clients, growth hacking and reaching for higher goals. I am continuously learning and seeing how things can be done better. I strive to be better and not just stick with the status quo. I think outside of the box, but also know what is inside the box in order to achieve the highest possible results. Between my expertise, my willingness to be bold and creative and my network of colleagues and connection, the world is open to incredible things and I’m here to help businesses and clients be incredible. Hell, I’m here to help them be legendary!”


Outside of his professional life, Alex is a husband and father who loves to surf, skate, listen to punk rock music and watch soccer.


Alex studied entertainment business at the Los Angeles Recording School / Los Angeles Film School, and then went on to study English at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School, and Venture Capital at the University of California Berkeley. 


His company, The New Standard, is a digital marketing and consulting agency that develops and implements marketing strategies and creative that drive successful business outcomes.