New year, new skills (2022)

Looks like New Years Eve is just a few hours away. 2023 is right around the corner, what a trip.

I’m thinking of what new skills I want to acquire in 2023. There are two main ones that I keep coming back to…

  1. Level-up my coding skills. I’m great with HTML and CSS, but that’s just scratching the surface of coding skills for the modern developer. I want to dive deeper into JavaScript and possibly Typescript.
  2. Leaning a second language. Let’s be honest, I barely speak english all that well. So when it comes to knowing a second language, I only know the basic talking points one learns while bar hopping with foreigners.

    In a quest to be more global, I think it’s time I start learning a second language – possibly/most likely Spanish.

If you’re reading this, what are you wanting to learn in the new year? Email me and let me know.


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Alex Medick is an entrepreneur, marketer, and occasional investor from Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you want to jam about startups, growth, product, Bitcoin, punk rock, or surfing – he’s your guy.(more)

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