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My Marketing Bets Template

Ready to start making marketing bets for growth and scale? Here is the simple framework that I use to help get you started. I call this my “Marketing Bets Template.”

I originally came across a version of this from the book “Hacking Growth” by Sean Ellis, then had to tweak things to make it my own (as always – no blueprint is perfect for everyone). 

The Growth Marketing Experiment Form

  • Idea Name: What are we calling this experiment?
  • Type of Bet: Awareness / Conversion / Retention / Referral / Revenue
  • Description: Hit me with the summary of the experiment.
  • Hypothesis: Why do you think this will work? What’s your theory on what this will accomplish?
  • Metrics to be Measured: Conversions / Web Traffic / Engagement / Referrals / Revenue / Retention
  • Examples: Share any links to examples where this idea came from, if avail. 

Impact Versus Effort

After you fill out the above, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rank your idea based on these three factors: 

  • Ease of Implementation (Scale 1-10)
  • Confidence of Success (Scale 1-10)
  • Impact on Business (Scale 1-10)

What To Do With This Info? 

As a scrappy marketer, I always like to go with the highest impact and lowest effort bets first. That will build quick momentum. Then, as you build your momentum and you start seeing some wins (no matter how small, as long as you’re moving in the right direction), you can start to implement the more difficult bets. 

How Often Should You Do This?

A LOT! Don’t stop. Try to fill out 2 or 3 of these per week. Always create ideas. Creativity gets stronger the more you use it, so the more you practice this, the better the ideas will flow and you’re bound to find a winner in the mix. 

Alright, hope that was helpful. 


PS – I only bring this up because I’ve been getting asked a lot lately. Yes, I still do Full-Stack and Growth Marketing Consulting, but I only take on a few clients at a time to make sure I can give each company I partner with my best attention and help them discover success. If interested, you can always email me. ✌️

Alex Medick

Alex Medick

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