Kuppy Has Finally Arrived

The time has come, ladies and germs. Kuppy is finally available.

After a global pandemic and manufacturing issues that were just beyond bananas, the Kuppy team and I are so stoked to finally have this product in the hands of our customers.

What is Kuppy?

Kuppy is a modern drying rack that keeps your drying mat tidy and your drinkware dry. Use Kuppy to dry your water bottles, reusable baggies, wine glasses, protein shakers, and coffee tumblers.

Buy Kuppy, Support the Planet

Kuppy is an official 1% For The Planet Member.

Help us create a more sustainable future

We’re an environmentally conscious company that is compelled to save our planet. Being apart of this great organization is just one way we’re helping support the cause.

Buy a single, two-pack, or four-pack today

Go and get your Kuppy today at GetKuppy.com

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