I want to go fast

Speed is the most underrated feature a startup can have. The best product doesn’t always win. The one who moves fast as hell and reduces user friction (typically) is the one to pull ahead from the rest of the race. 

Before working at a startup, I always heard about how things move fast. But to be honest, I completely underestimated how important speed is to playing the game. 

Most don’t care about how polished something is. Most people just want something that works and removes the pain point from / adds value to their life. So stop overthinking it and just ship. 

The one that ships first, learns more, and iterates faster is going to have the greater chance of success. 

Experiment, learn, iterate, repeat.


p/alexmedick · @ajmedick

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About Alex

Alex Medick is an entrepreneur, marketer, and occasional investor from Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you want to jam about startups, growth, product, Bitcoin, punk rock, or surfing – he’s your guy.(more)

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