The Full-Stack Marketers Pirate Funnel

Ahoy matey’s – 

In this latest post, we’ll be going over a funnel beloved by full-stack marketers, growth marketers, and growth hackers alike: the pirate funnel.

If you haven’t noticed, marketers love their damn acronyms. And more than that, tech and marketing nerds like me love to use the term pirates (for reference: Pirates of Silicon Valley or Category Pirates).

What is the Pirate Funnel?

The Pirate Funnel is a framework that breaks a company into sections that show you were to focus your marketings attention. The Pirate Funnel was originally introduced by 500 Startups founder, Dave McClure in 2007.  

The Pirate Funnel consists of the acronym AAARRR. As in, aaarrr matey’s 🏴‍☠️

The 6 Stages of the Pirate Funnel

  • Awareness – How many people do you reach?
  • Acquisition – How many people visit your website or landing page?
  • Activation – How many people take the first important step? (E.g. Sign-up for your newsletter, install your app, or create an account)
  • Retention – How many people come back for repeat usage?
  • Revenue – How many people start paying? And how much do they pay?
  • Referral – How many customers become advocated by referring friends to your business?

Let’s Grow 🚀

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