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If there’s one common theme I’ve heard over and over and over again from successful individuals that I admire, it’s that they all had a relentless focus in whatever they are pursuing. 

That brings me to an acronym someone once shared that I remind myself of daily. 

Following One Course Until Success

I suffer greatly from ADD and having a monkey mind. Focus is something I strive for consistently to help me achieve my goals and not on excel in my field of choice, but do legendary work in that vertical. 

I recently started reading Think Like A Monk by Jay Shetty. Here’s what he has to say about Monkey Mind vs. Monk Mind: 

Monkey Mind

  • Overwhelmed by multiple branches
  • Coasts in the passenger seat
  • Complains, compares, criticizes
  • Overthinks and procrastinates
  • Distracted by small things
  • Short term gratification
  • Demanding and entitled
  • Changes in whim
  • Amplifies negatives and fears
  • Self-centered and obsessed
  • Multitasking
  • Controlled by anger, worry, and fear
  • Does whatever feels good
  • Looks for pleasure
  • Looks for temporary fixes

Monk Mind

  • Focused on the root of the issue
  • Lives intentionally and consciously
  • Compassionate, caring, collaborative
  • Analyzes and articulates
  • Disciplined
  • Long-term gains
  • Enthusiastic, determined, patient
  • Commits to a mission, vision, or goal
  • Works on breaking down negatives and fears
  • Self-care for service
  • Single-tasking
  • Controls and engages energy wisely
  • Seeks self-control and mastery
  • Looks for meaning
  • Looks for genuine solutions

Let’s all work towards thinking more like a monk and find the success we envision in our minds. 


Alex Medick

Alex Medick

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