Chris Sacca’s Private Investing Lessons

I love learning from investors. Whenever I listen to a podcast or read a book from someone I admire, I tend to fill up my SimpleNote app with an insane amount of quotes and ideas that come rushing to my mind. 

Recently, I was listening to the 20 Minute VC interview with Chris Sacca. It was a great episode and definitely recommend giving it a listen (after you finish reading this, of course). 

If you don’t know who Chris Sacca is, here is a snippet from his super fancy bio from his fund, Lowercase Capital.

An accomplished venture investor, company advisor, and entrepreneur, Chris manages a portfolio of over seventy technology and consumer startups through Lowercase Capital. Primarily known for its investments in early stage technology companies like Twitter, Uber, Instagram, Twilio, Stripe, and Kickstarter, Chris and his wife and venture partner, Crystal English Sacca, have grown Lowercase into  one of the most successful funds ever

Long story, short… Sacca is a fucking GOAT. So when he speaks, we listen. 

During his interview on 20 Min VC, he shared his self-developed rules for investing in startups. I thought they were great and decided to share them with you all, too. 

Ready? Let’s go. 

Chris Sacca’s Private Investing Lessons

  1. Only invest in companies where you know that you personally can help move the needle for them somehow. Make sure you can have a material impact.
  2. Don’t start with something shitty that you think you can make good. Start with something good that you can make great. 
  3. Give yourself a chance to get rich. 
  4. Be proud of every deal. 

As someone fascinated, and actively participating in the private company investment space, I certainly took these tips to heart. I’ll certainly use them as part of a checklist when I meet new startups I’m interested in.

More about Sacca

Sacca has a new climate focused fund nowadays called Lowercarbon Capital. I think their bio is killer and wanted to share it in this post: 

Lowercarbon Capital backs kickass companies that make real money slashing CO2 emissions, sucking carbon out of the sky, and buying us time to unf**k the planet.

Alright, that’s all from me this week. 

Until next time…


PS- here’s the 20 Min VC podcast episode this came from if you want to give it a listen:

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