Web Design & Dev

I love building WordPress websites. It’s been a passion of mine since my High School days (I don’t say those years so you don’t age me and my elder millenial-ness).

It started off with helping local bands find their place on the web, to nowadays where I build websites for SMBs that give them the online presence they deserve while driving growth.

If you’re looking to build a great presence on the web for you or your company, let’s jam! Contact me at ajm@hey.com or using the form here.

Selected Work & Portfolio

Why WordPress?

There are many reasons why I love using WordPress – most of them have to do with the open-source community though. Which I’m sure isn’t on the top of everyone else’s radar. So instead of talking about that, here are the reasons that you probably will care about most:

  1. WordPress powers 43% of ALL websites (source)
  2. Extremely SEO friendly and optimized
  3. Optimized for Mobile and Desktop responsiveness
  4. Core code is continually improving
  5. The White House even uses WordPress! (see here)

If you want to talk more about my love for WordPress and why you should use it too, I’m more than happy to jam about it!