Bitcoin was made for this moment

As inflation rises and the stock market drags down, the world is looking towards Bitcoin to see how it will react. 

Well, this is the moment Bitcoin was made for.

Check out this thread from crypto investor and my friend, Mark Jeffery, on what to expect from BTC in the coming months.

This is the moment #Bitcoin was made for. 

It will go down hard at first with everything else — it’ll get sucked down with the twisting wreckage of the Titanic — but, if it operates as designed, it will then float — and surge to the surface when nothing else does.

We’re either really super right about this or not 🙂 

It’s a bet, like anything. 

Ultimately, human belief alone is all that backs *anything* — gold, fiat, stocks — even Bitcoin. 

But I think it’s a good bet — and so do many, many other very big craniums.

The bet is that proof-of-work energy-intensive cryptographic security and scarcity engenders more human belief that state-sponsored fiat debt currencies of all kinds. 

And it out-performs gold because verifying the gold is really there is hard, plus digital is way easier to use.



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