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A Growth Hackers Schedule

As some of you may know, I am the Chief Marketing Officer at the media startup In reality, I’m a growth hacker.

As a startup, we have lean resources and a need to be scrappy with our growth. So while my title is technically CMO, I’m really over here finding resourceful ways to capture attention and create conversions.

Strategy, Design, Web Development, Analytics, Paid Ads, Partnerships, Funnel Development, and Team Motivator.  

Yep, that’s all done by yours truly (with the newsletter writers and other executives of Inside jumping in to lend a much appreciated hand when they can, of course)…. Unless you think it sucks, then we can blame someone else.

With so much responsibility and with only so much time in the week, it’s important that I have a schedule that helps me maximize my opportunities and efforts. So, this is what my weekly growth hacker schedule looks like below. 

This schedule was originally formed by Jim Huffman from the book “The Growth Marketers Playbook,” with tweaks to make it work for me. 

I’ve been using this schedule for about 2 weeks now and it’s working great so far. If it ends up sucking, I’ll be sure to update this post with a big ‘ol warning for you all. 

A Growth Hackers Schedule

  • Monday = Analysis of last weeks tests.
  • Tuesday = Weekly board stand-up and deciding what bets to continue taking and which ones to take the loss on.
  • Wednesday = Creative design and copywriting, plus the dev team meeting to discuss any coding help I might need.
  • Thursday = Marketing effort execution.
  • Friday = Take time to learn new tactics, check out blogs, watch YouTube marketing videos, scroll — focus on enhancing skills and keeping up-to-date with digital marketing trends.
  • Saturday = Try to chill.
  • Sunday = Definitely try to chill.

Alright, there it is! And because I’m feeling a little wired and jazzed on marketing concepts I’ve been scheming up tonight, I’m going to close this blog post out with a little saying from Rich Ux of Rich + Niche

“Hack The Planet!”


Alex Medick

Alex Medick

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